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Governing Documents admin course

Scope  This course will cover the configuration and administration of the Docmap Governing Documents module.

Target audience Super users / Admin users.

Duration 1 day.

Location Docmap premises (Oslo), customer site, or remote session (Skype/TeamViewer). The session is dedicated to one customer at a time.

Topics The course will be based on the topics listed below. Other topics can be added to the list on demand.

  • The different configuration tools
    • Base tables.
    • System settings.
    • Language resources.
    • XML files
  • Document validity
    • Managing Organization Units.
    • Managing Additional Criterion.
    • Setting up a user filter.
  • Document management
    • Document types.
    • Set up to export metadata to a Word document.
    • Document numbering.
    • Document mass upload.
    • Managing certificates
  • User management
    • Function types.
  • User interface
    • Changing menus.
    • Adding Pictures and logo.

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