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Governing Documents end users course

Scope This course will teach the basics of the Docmap Governing Documents module, i.e. how to create, manipulate and search for documents. It can be combined with a session on the Observations and Actions module.

Target audience End users.

Duration 1 day.

Location Docmap premises (Oslo), customer site, or remote session (Skype/TeamViewer). The session is dedicated to one customer at a time.

Topics The course will be based on the topics listed below. Other topics can be added to the list on demand.

  • Introduction to Docmap
    • What is Docmap doing: Docmap modules.
    • Synchronization Shore to Vessels.
  • Searching for documents
    • Standard search.
    • Advanced search.
    • Navigation in the menus.
    • User filter.
  • Publishing documents
    • Document types and templates.
    • Original, View and Print formats.
    • Validation process.
    • Task list.
    • Exporting metadata in a Word template.
    • Document properties.
  • Working with documents
    • Read-receipt.
    • Adding comment to a document.
    • Printing one or several documents.
    • Special documents: Manuals and Document Collections.
  • Document life cycle
    • New version of a document.
    • Withdraw a document.

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